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Contort is the perfect tool for those of us who need ways to manipulate images. It allows you to achieve a range of effects tthat let you distort and contort your pictures. Having a good piece of software that can help us achieve it is a huge boon.

This means applying different effects by editing them into new and fun images. It can come in use in a wide variety of situations. The features are balanced and not overwhelming. If you need full control over your photos, this could come in handy. This is especially true if you don’t have the most in-depth tech skills.

Image Distortion

The appearance of the program is easy to get used to. You just need to use your selection tool and pick the photo you’re trying to edit. The toolbar will help you do the rest, as you can pick from the menu to transform any images you have. Some examples include when you have just one picture or even multiple pictures.

This is up to you and completely adjustable to the situation. You might find that you want to rotate them to get a different perspective. Likewise, you might prefer to scale a picture up or down to the background or other images.

And then there is the merging of photos. In this case, you will be able to get a glimpse into the world of photo combinations that are possible.

Further Features

That is not all that Contort allows. It is also possible to warp certain pieces of the photo. You might want that distorted look for some reason. It can do this segment by segment. It can even do it from the blush angle or the position of the pixels. It came very much in handy during our testing.

With numerous editing tools like highlight, blurring, and more, you can really do whatever you need to the photos to get them looking like the vision you have in your head.

You can sharpen the photo or blur it without issue. If the brightness needs to be turned up, you can use a setting from the toolbar. There are various such features that don’t take long to discover. However, once you start using them, you will want to try it, again and again, to see what you can come up with, making the process relatively fun.

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