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Write scripts, create and produce media, and collaborate with other people using Celtx, which is designed to help you create scripts for various media types.

Working with scripts demands a lot of attention to detail and also a lot of concentration. The organization is also important because you’ll want to make sure that all team members can read and remember the script with ease.

But for that, you’d need a dedicated piece of software that will provide you with the necessary tools.

One such application is Celtx. It is an application for anyone who works with various media types, as it will allow you to create scripts and collaborate with other people on multimedia projects.

It’s designed to be suitable for almost any type of media, including stories, films, music, comic books, novels, and more.


It is suitable for almost any user that needs to have a good tool for creating scripts and collaborating with other people. It will help you with all sorts of projects, including films, music, books, novels, comics, plays, and much more.

The application comes with some preset templates and samples that you can use to get started. What is more, you’ll have access to a simple interface where you’ll be able to apply changes to the script.

You can see the project library, navigate through the script, and view scenes if you have some, making it easy for you.

Collaborate with Others

You can, of course, add text to the script and other parts of the media. Once you’re done, you can share this script you’ve created with others so they can contribute as well.

You will have access to a chatting tool, where you will be able to discuss the project with other team members and have suggestions ready for you when you need them.


Celtx is a complete tool for anyone working on a media project, be it a movie, play, film, script, book, novel, or other media types, as it comes with tools that enable a good level of versatility.

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