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September 25th, 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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CD Splash is a simple tool that enables you to create splash screens for CDs and DVDs to make your disks more visually appealing.

With CD Splash, you can customize the appearance and feel of every CD and DVD you own.

With it, you can change the splash screen of the disk, use different tunes and sounds to include in the disk, change the icon, and select which files get launched when you start the DVD or CD.

Simple CD Customization Tool

In essence, CD Splash is a rather simple tool to use. You’ll see that the user interface is made for the everyday user, with only a limited number of options from the main screen.

The main area of the app is the part where you can configure what images and other multimedia get included in the DVD.

Once you have selected which files you want to use with the DVD, you can run a preview to see whether your changes are satisfactory.

You’ll also be able to quickly make changes here in the preview so that you can see exactly what you’re changing, giving you control over the CD customization process.

Add Tunes and Images to the CD

The application will provide you with options for customizing your CD in full. Instead of having a blank CD, you can adorn it with splash images, icons, and music played at selected points when the CD is used. These options will give you plenty of customization to choose from.

Among the most important and notable changes, you can make the ability to add custom images. You can select which images you want to add to the CD in the editor.

You will also be able to choose from the many different options for music, and you can opt to play it at your selected times.


With CD Splash, you can customize your CD and make it more appealing. It gives you the chance to add images and music to it quickly.

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