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Artec Studio allows you to perform 3D scanning and get accurate results through these scans thanks to advanced features and the Autopilot mode, making it easier for you to get results.

Being a 3D artist requires the proper tools for your work. One of the most important things when choosing software for your work is measurement accuracy. You’d also need a good suite of tools for editing and easily creating new projects.

Artec Studio tries to do all of that. It aims to help you provide a platform for doing 3D scans and allows for easy importing of 3D projects so that you can edit them and work on them.

It has an Editor mode and the Autopilot mode, which both enable you the tools you’d need to complete the job you’re looking to do.

Perform 3D Scans

It is possible to edit and create 3D scans with ease. The best way to use this application is to connect a 3D scanner to your device and start using this application.

To do the scans, you can hit the Scan button once the right scanner is connected and use the Autopilot mode, automatically setting the parameters.

Of course, you can also configure those parameters yourself, especially if you have the right knowledge and skills here. With the Editor mode, you can use additional editing tools to reposition, transform, smooth, and others.

These tools are aimed to provide you with a higher editing level and additional possibilities.

Importing Made Easy

Artec Studio works with a variety of file formats. You can import new files and projects by uploading files like PLY, STL, WRL, OBJ, PTX, SCAN, BUFF, etc. Exporting is also possible for future projects.


Artec Studio is the complete 3D scanning and editing tool, providing you with all the tools to scan 3D objects by connecting a scanner and then making the desired changes.

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