Developer Tools

Date added: November 3rd, 2018 - (Free)

Visual Basic is a simple to use tool which enables you to start developing or even learn code. Before starting learning a coding language, you […]

Date added: September 30th, 2022 - (Free)

RJ TextEd is a text and source editor that also features Unicode support. It is compatible with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and ASP in web […]

Date added: August 12th, 2022 - (Free)

Firebird is a cross-platform relational database platform that will provide you with all the necessary tools you’ll need to work with ANSI SQL databases, as […]

Date added: October 1st, 2022 - (Free)

Vagrant helps you virtualize your development process, as it can allow you to configure portable development environments easily. Developers looking for ways to make and […]

Date added: March 8th, 2022 - (Free)

Atom is a powerful and modern source code editor with a handy set of tools for developers, including syntax highlighting, file viewer, and other tools […]

Date added: October 4th, 2022 - (Free)

Make use of the full power of your GPU using the NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit, which is an advanced tool to manage and improve the usage […]

Date added: October 6th, 2022 - (Free)

Electron is an open-source, cross-platform, and free-to-use app that designed for developers to provide them with the opportunity to create a cross-platform application. It can […]

Date added: October 6th, 2022 - (Free)

With Mobirise, you will be able to create amazing and custom mobile-friendly websites with the help of a user-friendly interface, additional features, preset configurations, and […]

Date added: February 12th, 2021 - (Free)

Hexadecimal code is not very easy to understand and edit if you have identified any error. However, by using HxD, you can manage to edit […]

Date added: October 5th, 2022 - (Free)

GitHub Desktop is the go-to platform for many coders and developers worldwide, as it is an application that allows you to store your programs in […]

Date added: September 28th, 2022 - (Free)

You can use this application if you need to perform Python/R data science operations on any of your devices. Anaconda Distribution (Python 3.7) can handle […]

Date added: October 7th, 2020 - (Free)

MonoDevelop is an application for developers through which can manage writing the applications within no time. Through MonoDevelop, you can manage the development of the […]

Date added: October 13th, 2020 - (Demo)

BlueGriffon is a content editor that was engineered through the use of Firefox’s rendering engine, namely Gecko. At first sight, it appears to be a […]

Date added: October 6th, 2022 - (Free)

If you work with markdown in any sense, then having a solid editor is key. This goes for web designers, developers, and marketers alike. Oftentimes, […]

Date added: February 8th, 2019 - (Free)

One of the text editors for programmers that can help them in managing different aspects of programming along with multiple other features is Gedit. It […]