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With Mobirise, you can create amazing and custom mobile-friendly websites with the help of a user-friendly interface, additional features, preset configurations, and much more.

If you’re a developer or website creator, you know the importance of the mobile-first approach. The website creation process has shifted towards mobile websites in the last few years.

It is becoming more and more important than ever to create a website that works very well on mobile devices but doesn’t compromise the quality.

That’s what Mobirise can offer you. It is easy to use a custom mobile-friendly configurator for creating mobile-friendly websites. It will provide various configurations and settings for building amazing websites from scratch.

Or you will also be able to use premade configurations, saving time.

Here you can find a 27 episodes video tutorial about how to use it:

Create Custom Websites Quickly

The charm of this application is the ease of use. It allows you to work quickly and create great websites in just a few hours.

It is very versatile and works for a wide variety of users, as it has many different options and configurations you can use to create your site. It comes with presets you can use, which will help you save time and design great sites.

It has a minimalistic interface, which is mightily important when you work with a tool like this. All of the features are neatly distributed in the interface. And more importantly, you’ll be able to see previews of your site in progress, which is great since you’ll be able to analyze your work quickly.

Edit and Configure

But if you’re not happy with premade configurations, you’ll be pleased to know that this app has more to offer than just that.

You’ll be able to completely tailor and change how the sites look according to your wishes, which is everything you need from an app like this.


To conclude, Mobirise is a great app for easily creating mobile-friendly sites.

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