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Hexadecimal code is not very easy to understand and edit in case you have identified any error in them. However, by using HxD, you can manage to edit these codes easily.

It provides easy management of the code even in the editing mode. All the changes that you have made to the original code using HxD are highlighted in the red color, so you can have a look to know about the newly incorporated codes. Additionally, cutting a code, pasting it and undoing the actions performed on the code are possible.

You can even export your files to various formats including Java, C++, HTML, 16-bit, etc. Moreover, you can incorporate filters for searching and can search for a specific word or code by using the specialized search feature that can help you find your desired phrase in minutes. Additionally, setting a particular block by specifying the range is possible with this utility.

Opening the main memory of the running process, splitting and sharing the code files, comparing files and getting the statistics about your code files are some of the other features that can make the process of code management and editing easier.

HxD is a lightweight application, thus interfering with the other operations and functions of your computer is minimal. It can provide you with an excellent platform for editing the hexadecimal code with many features to make the process of editing easier.

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