Date added: August 6th, 2020 - (Free)

Tux Paint is a drawing program that’s designed specifically for children and beginners. It has a big collection of starter images and a great toolbox […]

Date added: January 13th, 2021 - (Free)

Tweetz is a lightweight tool that allows you to connect your desktop to your Twitter account and see tweets and your timeline straight from your […]

Date added: September 18th, 2020 - (Free)

If you constantly perform and use mathematical expressions, then you simply must know about Simplexety. It’s one of the best but also one of the […]

Date added: October 14th, 2019 - (Free)

Sabnzbd works as a newsreader and ensures that you get all the necessary news files within no time. It allows you to get all the […]

Date added: January 21st, 2020 - (Free)

If you need a calculator for the linear interpolation, then Linear Interpolation Calculator has been specifically designed for you. It lets you calculate the linear […]

Date added: October 9th, 2020 - (Free)

Stykz is an animation software application that will help you create and design awesome stickers with the help of both basic and advanced features and […]

Date added: August 12th, 2020 - (Free)

tinySpell is an application that will check the spelling of words in all applications where there is the text editor option involved, including sound and […]

Date added: August 3rd, 2020 - (Demo)

GPSMapEdit is a lightweight application that will help you view and scan the exact contents of your GPS maps in different cartographic formats. You’ll also […]

Date added: June 15th, 2020 - (Free)

REScheck is a powerful application. It allows engineers and tech specialists to calculate the energy consumption in a building. This enables you to verify compliance […]

Date added: October 12th, 2020 - (Free)

ITN Converter is your traveling companion app that allows you to plan your trips, convert routes, and make your journey much easier with its intuitive […]

Date added: January 6th, 2021 - (Free)

If you need to keep track of projects, it can be quite a challenge. After all, there is a lot to deal with, and you […]

Date added: November 29th, 2020 - (Free)

Tolon NoteKeeper is an application that will help you create notes on your computer and easily save them as nodes, which then allows you to […]

Date added: October 18th, 2020 - (Free)

If you’re into industrial production, then you know that when you mass-produce products, you will inevitably need a good recording and labeling tool. Such a […]

Date added: October 18th, 2020 - (Free)

Are you looking to organize the channel list on your TV? Then you can use ChanSort, a simple application that helps you make changes to […]

Date added: December 6th, 2020 - (Free)

NeurophStudio is a Java-based application that helps you build neural networks in a professional-looking environment. You can create, design, and export neural architectures with the […]