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If you are one of the internet addicts who is facing problems because of this addiction in the workplace or studies, then Freedom can be used for helping you in restricting the internet connection, so that you can efficiently manage your time for the productive activities.

You can set a particular interval of time to block the access of your internet. Additionally, you can access this application from the system tray, so you have the options of initiating, managing and scheduling your internet quite handy.

It does not have the traditional GUI, so either you’ll have to manage the features from the tray icon, or you can get access to the online account where you can view the usage of internet and maintain the internet settings for different devices. When you have accomplished the restriction of your internet, you can see a dialogue box, providing you with the time limit left for the activation of the internet connection again.

You can set any time limit for restricting your internet. The selection of day and scheduling of the restriction time is also possible to provide you with easy management options. The best thing is that you can’t disable the restriction on your internet without restarting your computer, so that can help the application in achieving the purpose for which it has been designed.

Freedom can restrict your internet connection to help you in focusing more or work and less on distractions, especially over the internet.

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