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Accessing Google hangouts through a web application has not been supported natively by the application. However, the software allows Google Hangouts to be used as the desktop application known as YakYak.

It provides a straightforward interface that can make it easier for you to access your Google contacts and communicate with them. The window of YakYak contains your contact list, buttons for the performance of specific functions, and the list of conversations. No added up features that can make the entire operations complex have been included in this application.

You can send messages and pictures to your friends or anyone in your social circle without any issues. It also allows you to select the notification settings that you like. You can edit them for all your contacts or particular contacts, depending upon your needs.

Despite these features, YakYak is not a complete full to Google Hangouts, as it does not support video calling or SMS. Additionally, you cannot organize your contacts apart from adding them to your favorite list. So, these features might make you a bit disappointed.

Overall, if you are looking for a simpler version of a desktop application for Google Hangouts, then YakYak is the solution.

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