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SpaceObServer is a disk space management application that will help you execute scans on your computer and provide you with relevant reports to help you better understand how your computer operates.

It will easily execute scans on system trees and provide you with crucial reports that will be stored in a customizable SQL database so that you can gain value from those reports.

Easy to Use

Before you install this application, you’ll need to ensure the Microsoft .NET framework is installed. The setup is incredibly easy to start with. Everything is made easy, and there are no extensive and unnecessary options during the installation that can make it more difficult than it should be.

You can explore the application’s interface and get to know it better. You can begin scanning your disk and exploring the vast options that this application has to offer you.

Start Scanning Your Disk and Get Reports

Once the installation process is done, you can start scanning your computer. You’ll be able to browse the disk of your computer, which is done with an interface very similar to Windows Explorer. It makes it easy to use, even for those with only experience with basic Windows operations.

You can also, at any time, perform scans on any location of your computer, be it your hard drive or a specific location on the hard drive. You’ll get detailed reports on the contents of those folders or parts of your hard drive, such as the number of files included, the type of files, and the file sizes.

From there, you can easily view the information and the data the application provides with multiple viewing options, such as tree files, charts, 3D representations, and more.

You can order the results to make them more easily visible numerically or alphabetically, whatever you need them to be.

Scheduled and Custom Scans

You can schedule the scans automatically, so you won’t have to do much setting up. You can schedule them hourly, weekly, daily, or even monthly. Once you do that, you can apply scan filters so that the application does the operation without your help.

And then, once the scans are complete, you can manage the reports or view them from another computer. They can also be viewed from a web browser, although you must purchase these add-ons separately.


To conclude, SpaceObServer is an application that lets you manage and control your hard drives and get to know the structure of your hard drive. It allows you to control the health of your files easily.

It scans your computer’s files and structure with this software application that will provide reports and allow you to easily store the reports and data in an SQL database.

Technical details

Latest version:
8.0 Build 1932
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44.59 MB
Supported OS
Windows 11 / Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

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