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SlingPlayer allows you to extend your TV living room experience to your phone, tablet, or PC by creating an environment where you can watch your favorite TV programs.

The notion of TV programs and their exclusivity to television is becoming increasingly obsolete. They’re becoming much closer to what the internet has to offer

. With smart devices, the differences between traditional television and other types of multimedia are not as clearly defined as they were.

And SlingPlayer emphasizes that notion well. It’s an application that will help you bring the TV experience to your smartphone, tablet, computer, or another internet-connected television.

You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite TV channels on devices like Kindle Fire, Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and other devices.

Enjoy Your TV Programs Anywhere

It makes it possible for you to enjoy TV programs anywhere you might be. To start using this application, you must log into your account. From there, you’ll have an on-screen remote that allows you to control the television, switch channels, and perform other actions.

If you have a 3G, 4G, or WiFi connection, the application will allow you to use it on any device you own.

Additional features to this application, such as the Program Guide, Live Video Buffer, and Sling Accounts, let you switch between your accounts and the different settings you have in place.

Chatting and Other Features

A great feature that needs to be mentioned here is connecting your social media account to the platform and connecting with other users whenever you want.

You’ll be able to chat with other users and connect with the application, as the application almost acts as a social media network. It is yet another feature that can turn this application into a fun experience.


SlingPlayer enables you to watch your television and its programs on any other devices you might have, including iPhone, iPad, tablet, PC, or another device connected to the internet. You’ll have access to all the programs you are subscribed to.

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