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By using this specialized application, you can create your favorite device work like your living room TV. You can convert your tablet, mobile phone or laptop to the TV. SlingPlayer allows you to view your favorite channels in 1080p HD quite easily on any of the devices that you can connect with your TV.

The use of a Sling account can help you in managing your TV remotely. Thus, you can have access to your favorite show even when on the move. Similarly, it can also be connected with Facebook, so chatting with a friend or scrolling the Facebook feed can also be managed while watching your favorite program on your mobile phone.

On the first time launch of your application, you will have to specify your credential and establish a connection with Sling Box. You can even enjoy the access to the recorded TV program on your mobile phone whenever you want. Bookmarking the TV shows for matching them later or adding new favorites can also be possible by using the SlingPlayer.

Similarly, the management of each TV show when it comes to pausing, rewinding or forwarding, is possible for up to 6 minutes. Maintenance of the favorite lists account credentials etc. are also possible through the integration of SlingPlayer with Slingbox.

SlingPlayer is a practical option for managing your TV programs and watching them on any of your favorite devices.

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