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March 1st, 2021 - Free - 100% Safe
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Shortcut Virus Remover is a tool that helps you detect and remove shortcut viruses on your computer. It will automatically detect shortcut viruses on your computer and replace them with shortcuts that are not harmful.

It can eliminate the virus from your USB completely. Moreover, you can also have this application to keep your computer safe from the shortcut viruses’ attacks.

So, it is not a reactive application only – you can also use it as a proactive application to protect your USB and data.

The shortcut threat, or shortcut viruses, are the type of viruses on your computer that can pose a threat to your security. As you click on this shortcut, the virus will be spread on your computer, and it might contaminate it, causing more damage than you want.

With Shortcut Virus Remover, you’ll detect such a virus and eliminate it and fix any damage that it might have caused.

Remove Shortcut Viruses

With Shortcut Virus Remover, you’ll be able to remove shortcut viruses easily, as the name of this app suggests. When you spot such a virus on your computer, it’s best to run this app and let it diagnose the virus.

The virus looks very obvious, as it will turn all of your folders and files into shortcuts, and that’s when you know you have this problem.

You will spot this problem and remove it without causing damage to the rest of the folders that have been infected. You can connect the drive that has been infected to your computer and start the app. This infection can spread as quickly as when you connect it to your computer, so be careful with that.

Additionally, enabling and disabling of Command Prompt, Task Manager, Run Dialog, and other such programs of your computer is also possible.

Quick Scanning and Cleaning

You can always scan your drives for potential shortcut viruses with this application, though. You don’t have to wait around, and you can launch the quick scan, which will acknowledge the presence of such a virus on your computer so that you can easily remove it and get rid of it.

It will also detect any new memory drive you connect to the computer and scan it.

If you take a look at the scanned location, you should see a batch of files that will be indicated that a scan has been complete.


Shortcut Virus Remover is a simple and effective app that will help you eliminate the shortcut virus.

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