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It is a clock that stays on your desktop to inform you about the time (hour and minutes). Fliqlo is a screensaver that gives you the liberty to choose from the two-time formats available.

12 and 24 hours format can be selected by the users, based on their preference. Additionally, the size of the clock can be adjusted depending upon your desktop needs. The sizes that are available for you to select are from 25% to 125%.

The display of the old-fashioned clock provided by this application is elegant and straightforward, making your desktop screen look elegant and providing the time facility to you.

Fliqlo also requires access to your internet connection, but you can choose to provide this internet access or not. It works appropriately, even without internet access.

Fliqlo is a screensaver of a beautiful and elegant clock that can allow you to customize its size and the format you wish to view the time.

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