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May 17th, 2020 - Free - 100% Safe
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Mouse Jiggler is a simple to use software which only has one objective and which is to fake the mouse input to Windows. This tool will make your mouse pointer jiggle back and forth, and this is why this tool can turn out to be pretty useful in some situations, and users will like it. It is used to avoid any screensavers that may appear on your desktop device.

Mouse Jiggler is also used to prevent triggering any programs which are activated because of the ideal detection for whatever reason. Some applications can`t be turned off, and this is why this tool can turn out to be a great and easy solution.

Thanks to this tool, you won`t have to change the screensaver setting because it will be working fine and you won`t have any issues in taking advantage of it because it will be an excellent tool for you.

It will also prevent your computer to get into the hibernation mode, and this means that it can be a handy tool that you will enjoy.

You can choose between different options such as the regular movement which you will see the movement of the cursor and the “zen” mode which does the same thing but doesn`t show the movement of the mouse.

Mouse Jiggler is a great tool to stop the computer screensaver start by simulating mouse movements while you are away from your PC.

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