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If you have an SSD drive in your computer and want to monitor it, you can use the ADATA SSD ToolBox tool to help you get disk information, update your firmware, and manage your SSD drive.

SSD drives are making a forward surge and are becoming the norm nowadays. They’re much faster than the usual hard drives; most newer computers use SSD drives.

That’s why managing your SSD drive is becoming increasingly important, and new applications are cropping up all the time that allow users to manage their drives.

One of them is ADATA SSD ToolBox. It is a simple application meant to help you manage and make changes to your SSD drive.

You’ll be able to get the disk information about the SSD drive, update the firmware about the SSD, and manage your drive overall. It will help you ensure your drive is as healthy as possible.

Detect SSD Issues

First, we must mention that this application comes with an interface that looks rather old-school. While most users will not mind this, it might bother some users.

However, it’s better to have more features and the app to be easy to use rather than focusing on looks too much. And that’s where this application does well.

You’ll be able to run diagnostic tests on your SSD drive all the time, which will help you get estimates about your drive’s health. It can give you a good idea of how well your drive is doing and where it might need improvements.

You’ll also get warnings of potential problems that might arise so that you can act accordingly.

Erase Data, Update Firmware

This application’s additional features enable you to update your SSD firmware and delete the data you don’t need.

Overall, it’s simple to use and comes with all the tools you need to manage your SSD.


ADATA SSD ToolBox is a useful application for managing and making changes to your SSD drive.

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3 years ago

Not good, couldn’t detect its own Adata SSD (NMME PCIe SSD)