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You might have realized that your old controllers have not been working anymore for the new games. This problem has arisen because of the change in the input mode of the controllers. Now the controllers work on Xinput instead of direct input. XOutput has a solution to this issue. It converts the Direct Input into Xinput and gets your controller operating in the proper conditions.

Using XOutput can allow you to use the old controllers with the new games as well. It can save your money and provide you with the latest entertainment opportunities. Although no software compatibility requirements are required for using Xoutput, it is expected that you will have VIGEm driver installed in your computer to make this application working correctly.

The configuration of your old device with the new device can also be managed with this software. So, you don’t have to forgo specific functions of the newer games, which would have been supported by the new controllers working on Xinput.

Overall, XOutput can provide you with the ease of managing the new games without facing the compatibility issues. Configuration settings of the older controllers can also be adjusted using this application.

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