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WhatsappTime is an app which lets you connect to your WhatsApp accounts from your computer desktop and also chat with your friends. Whatsapp is a pioneer when it comes to instant messaging, and besides of having the possibility to talk in real time, this app enables you to connect with people from across the world, sharing with them videos, send voice messages, PDF files and also pictures.

WhatsappTime allows you to use Whatsapp on your desktop and this means that you can view all of the media sent through this app right on your PC in a more convenient manner.

This utility is an extension of your mobile application, and for it to work well, you have to be sure that your app is updated to the latest version because if not, it is a possibility that you cannot launch it. Once you have scanned the code, you can connect to your Whatsapp account automatically and start chatting with your friends and also read the conversations you had in the past.

It allows you to use this app as you would do on a mobile device. You can even manage your profile and status and search for information in the past connections. This app also enables you to make use of a wide array of emoticons and GIFs that are going to be available with the mobile app.

You receive notifications in the System Tray about your conversations, file sharing and also calls.

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