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Vysor allows you to manage all the operations of your mobile from your computer. Handling all the features and applications of the mobile phones are possible to be controlled and used on the PC with the help of Vysor.

You can use Vysor for improving your typing speed. A keyboard can provide you with an overall better typing speed so that you can use it in different applications. Moreover, you can also share your device with the others by sharing the link associated with your connection.

You can find the same layout and interface of your mobile on your computer. So finding things or exploring all the features would not be difficult instead you can start using the desired characteristics of your mobile. You can expect easy messaging and typing on browsers etc. as one of the most important features that you can get by using this application.

You can find the devices available to be attached to the computer, so it is your choice, which device you are going to use with this application from a remote location.

Another feature that is provided by this application is the facility of taking screenshots. Your computer can easily make the screenshots of your mobile screen, providing an easy way to handle things.

However, one of the problems with this application is that you have to connect the mobile with the wire. It does not support wi-fi connection.

Vysor is an efficient application that can provide you to handle your mobile photo remotely. Additionally, taking screenshots is also amongst one of the features offered by the application.

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