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TLauncher is one of the few Minecraft game launchers available today on the market.  It supports all versions of Minecraft, from the oldest to the new ones. The game files are downloadable from the server, which means any version of Minecraft that you like can be played on your PC.

Along with using the launcher for running Minecraft, the same tool can be used to install add-ons, texture packs, seeds, maps, and skins. All the tasks can be done with few clicks. It lets you install a modified version of Forge that works with Optifine, where the game is optimized, and FPS performnace is enhanced.

You can log in with your email and password to enjoy all the advantages, including the display of your nickname, system skins, and all the third party add-ons. As TLauncher encrypts the requests sent to game servers, you get the maximum security.

With a single click you can build mods and get access to a vast catalog of mods, resource packs, maps, and screenshots. It automatically does a compatibility check for every mod installed and helps you get rid of errors. It features the backup of the system and also you can perform manual installations.

It offers a wide range of high resolution skins for its premium users. Premium users can enjoy the ad-free launcher and higher download speed for the game files. Also, a dedicated server is offered to the premium players.

The support team of TLauncher gives priority support, which means requests from premium players are addressed immediately. Moreover, additional protection is offered, including different security features, notification on suspicious mods, maps, and textures.

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