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SparkoCam is an application that allows you to add filters and different effects to your live webcam streaming videos. The application also uses the DSLR Canon camera in webcam mode to deliver a high-quality video.

Webcams are often used for streaming and broadcasting, which is why many streamers opt to buy good webcams. However, customizing your webcam would be even better since that would bring some more character to your stream.

Many people do that by adding various effects to the streams, spicing things up a bit.

To do that, you can use an application called SparkoCam. It is designed to provide you with special effects for your stream that you can use to make it more interesting.

It will generate 3D effects for your webcam, and another useful feature for many users is the support for Canon DSLR cameras, which allow them to run as webcams.

Add Effects to Streams

Broadcasts will become fun and a complete task if you use this app. Firstly, you will need to install it onto your system. That should be easy enough to do.

Then, you can get started by adding some customization options to your webcam stream. For example, you can add pre-made effects to the stream or create your effects.

Most of these will be in 3D, so they will look nice as they will enhance your stream’s look. You can also insert custom videos and pictures into the stream to make it even better.

Support for Canon DSLR Cameras

Another great feature is that you’ll be able to use your Canon DSLR device with this app to create streams. This way, you would use this application to create high-quality streams with high-quality footage, thanks to your quality webcam.

It’s easy to use, and you can get started by creating a stream by just pressing “Record”.


SparkoCam is a great app to use when you want to add special effects to your streams and support Canon DSLR cameras for streaming.

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