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April 19th, 2024 - Free - 100% Safe
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When you want to play your Playstation from your computer’s screen, you can use PS Remote Play, which can be used to play games, access your PS settings, and more from your PC screen.

When you want to play your games remotely from your PS4 or PS5, you will want to play them with your keyboard and mouse, on your computer screen, or with a controller.

Control PlayStation 4 or 5 From Your PC

Some users prefer the PC screen as it makes it easier to play their games and make settings, especially if they don’t want to use the TV, as others might use it simultaneously.

For this purpose, PS Remote Play was created. This application is meant to help you control your PS4 remotely from your computer’s screen without connecting the two devices.

You only need to have your PS4 and your computer connected to the same network, and then you can allow this app to do its magic.

Configure the App and Get Started

You must enable the Remote Play function on your PS first. Before you use this app and access your Playstation remotely, you must go through a couple of configuration options. You can access them on the Settings screen.

You must also ensure your PS is your network’s primary, or the connection won’t work.

You must ensure your device is in the “Rest” or power-saving mode. You’ll need your PS controller to use your device as you want.

Connect Your Sony Account

The last step of the connection is accessing your Sony account. From there, you will start using the application’s features and accessing your PS4 or five remotely.

You can use it to play games, configure your PS4 remotely, and perform other actions you might wish to perform remotely.


To conclude, PS Remote Play is a useful application that lets you access your Playstation remotely, play games, configure it, and much more.

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