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Mobizen is a tool that helps you receive and play messages, videos, and files you receive on your phone on your computer through various types of apps and means in a simple way.

When you share videos, photos, music, and other things with your team or friends, you also need a way to play or view them. Sometimes, though, you don’t have your phone with you, or you have it connected to your computer. In this case, you might need to use a sharing app like Mobizen to help you out.

This application allows you to share videos and photos with other users, as you’ll be able to display them in an easy way to other people without them being next to you.

It is handy if you’re chatting with friends or show something to your coworkers, which makes the app suitable for all kinds of scenarios.

Easy to Set Up

First, before you want to start using all the features offered in this app, you’ll need to set it up properly.

It includes setting up the mobile application on your phone, so you’ll need to get it from your app store.

You’ll also need to create an account, which you can also do by using your Google or Facebook account if you want.

Play Videos, Music, Photos, and Transfer Them

What Mobizen does is provide you with a way to share your files on your phone with other members you’re chatting with, for instance.

You’ll be able to play videos, music, display photos, and showcase other files to other members with ease because the application offers you an easy way of doing that.

You’ll be able to play them on a much larger screen and show them to other users. What is more, you’ll also be able to view details about the files that you play or own, send emails and use different email functions, and several other options that you might want to use.


Mobizen is a complete tool for playing and showcasing files on your phone to other users on your computer.

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