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Are you looking for a mining application for cryptocurrency? Here it is. EasyMiner is an application that can provide you with GPU and CPU miners for different cryptocurrencies. Litecoin and Bitcoin are the two prominent cryptocurrencies in this regard.

You can use this application in both solo mining and group mining. Libcurl and Jansson are the only languages in which this software communicates. Additionally, AVX, AVX2, and SSE2 are accessible through this application. It can use them automatically when they are available.

The launching of the program is easy. However, you should expect to run a test version for the first time to analyze your computer and other hardware’s speed. You can skip it if you want, but the testing allows you to determine relevant statistics that can be used later.

After this test, you’ll have to register by providing your username and password and configure the settings for the CPU and GPU.

The interface of EasyMiner is similar to the Control Panel, where different options are available for the miners to choose from. Although the settings are a bit complex, the organized interface makes the accessibility of various features and tools more accessible.

Support for proxies and frequent checks that this tool ensures to analyze the hashing speed. A clear view of the log is also maintained, which can be reviewed later to manage the operations better.

EasyMiner is a utility that allows mining for Bitcoin and Litecoin. Easy-to-use interface, frequent system checks, and log maintenance are some features that make this utility worth using.

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