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CmosPwd allows you to recover lost passwords that enable you to easily access your CMOS or BIOS configurations, as it acts as a CLI utility tool.

When setting up your computer, you will eventually have to access the BIOS and your motherboard’s CMOS modes. While it might seem like these two are the same, they’re quite different. CMOS contains crucial information about your computer, the date, time, and more. BIOS, however, has boot operating instructions that are crucial for your PC.

These two modes are very important for your computer. That’s why a password often protects them that either the manufacturer or you set. If you don’t know the password, forget it, or can’t remember it, then you can use a tool like CmosPwd to help you find it again.

It will decrypt the password or forcefully remove it altogether so that you can also access the BIOS or CMOS.

Supports a Variety of CMOS Chips

Another important thing to mention about this tool is that it covers the majority of CMOS chips available.

Even though it does not cover all of them, there are some important ones you’ll find covered. It covers ACER, IBM, AMI, Award, Compaq, Packard Bell, Phoenix, Toshiba BIOSes, and CMOS systems.

Run it from a Floppy Disk

It works from a floppy disk you enter in the DOS mode. It is not the most convenient choice for everyone, although it should be good enough for most users. However, many users have run this tool straight from the Windows session and had no problems.

You can also select to clear the CMOS of your PC, which will clean all of the information, including the CMOS password. It is helpful if you want to wipe the password and access it that way.


CmosPwd is a tool that helps you recover passwords for your CMOS and BIOS systems.

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