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It is an easy way for sharing your screen with the others. It is simple to set up that does not require a lengthy process of configuration.

Screenhero allows you to connect your devices by sharing the ID and password of your application with the user that you wish to share your screen. Apart from sharing the screen, it also works as an instant messenger so that you can talk about the shared screen and the expectation from the entire exercise.

The application can work on any system. Additionally, it also works on different operating systems. However, you will have to pay for it if you wish to use this software after the end of the trial period.

Easy access can be allowed to your contacts in your friend list. In that case, you won’t have to put in the ID and password every time, and you’ll try to connect. It would be done automatically. Apart from these features, you can get the invitation to make a voice call or chat. And you can have the authority to accept or reject the offer made by the other user.

Additionally, Screenhero allows you to share screen with other users. The ease in this process has been provided by allowing different pointers for different users. So every individual sharing the screen and work on different tasks separately without relying on the others.

You’ll have to buy the premium version of the application to continue using it. Apart from this, there are no limitations to the application.

Screenhero is an application that can allow screen sharing with multiple users and an easy setup that can make the entire process convenient.

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