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vJoy was made to provide an open-source replacement for PPJoy. It consists of a virtual joystick device that any application can use, which requires you an input device. This tool can lend you a hand if you are developing applications that can use controllers with a fixed and non-fixed configuration.

You can test out the possibilities of your system with this utility. The Feeder application can help you in doing so, and this app is incorporated into this tool. The feeder includes axes for the sliders, which can easily be changed the way the user wants.

The buttons can also be configurated the way the user wants. This tool also enables the user to make use of the POV switches. This option has a default position at 1/100 degree units and it is possible to click on the center to set in or out of the neutral position.

vJoy is a device driver, and to use it, and you don`t need to have a joystick. It is addressed especially for developers working on different applications that require an input device.

vJoy can come in handy for developers because it enables you to add a fixed configuration.

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