Space Ping Pong

June 28th, 2018 - Demo - 100% Safe
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Space Ping Pong Match is a traditional and straightforward game created for the people who need to remember the old times. The game is coming with fantastic and colorful graphics, addictive experience and simple gameplay for everyone.

It is a game produced for all people and kids. Being a traditional game, you don’t need an advanced level of gaming experience, open the game and choose your favorite mode to play. You can choose to play with the computer or against your friends for a funny experience.

When the game starts, you have 60 seconds to score goals against your opponent. On the top section, we can see the name of the players, the score and the time.

The field has a black background, and the lines are animated with colored lines. When you touch the ball, an animation with few circles will appear. You must be very carefully and fast, and your moves must be made in few seconds to surprise your opponent and score a goal.

The sounds are also great, and the producers worked a lot of graphics and sounds because the game is very well by this point of view. The gameplay is simple, you can play it by keyboard, but for the freedom, you can insert and play the game by a joystick.

Space Ping Pong is an ideal game when you need to have some little fun or when your friends are coming at you. Create Ping-Pong tournaments and have fun together!

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