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January 13th, 2023 - Free - 100% Safe
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WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software is a utility application that will provide you with driver support for various devices for your PC or laptop, offering you Bluetooth capability.

Bluetooth is an important feature of some laptops and PCs and can be extremely useful for connecting with various gadgets and several types of tools that you might need for work.

However, driver support is one of the common issues because the drivers don’t get updated automatically, which can cause Bluetooth problems.

To counter that issue, you can use the WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software. It will help you get the latest Bluetooth gear drivers, enabling better connectivity with your devices, including headsets, wireless adapters, audio headsets, game controllers, input devices, wireless microphones, and other devices.

Get the Right Drivers

After installing and starting this application, you will see that it will begin scanning for the Bluetooth adapter you have on your computer.

Then, it will establish a connection with your selected Bluetooth device, and upon that, it will devise a strategy for the next steps. The application works automatically.

If it finds that the drivers are outdated, it will provide you with the drivers you’ll need to improve the Bluetooth connectivity with the gadgets.

There are four different steps – which will be visible in the workload bar. Once the process is complete, you might have to restart your system to make changes completely.

Simple to Use

The application should be easy and simple enough for almost every type of user, even if you’re a beginner and haven’t used a tool like this recently. You’ll be able to use it on every Windows system out there.


WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software is a good solution for optimizing your Bluetooth connections.

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