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September 27th, 2021 - Free - 100% Safe
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Flash Player non-IE (for Firefox, Opera, or Safari) is a browser plug-in currently under use by 1.3 billion people worldwide. It now deploys dynamic quality content within a secure environment and provides advanced features to developers.

This list includes Stage 3D capabilities, which stand for taking advantage of the GPU power, high responsiveness, and HD full-screen support with keyboard commands integration across platforms. Game creation will become more engaging due to infinite scrolling and relative mouse coordinates.

Quality video content, support for multiple streaming standards, and multicore rendering are already part of the popular culture and need no presentation.

Additional compression and security algorithms make for a reliable, smoother, and faster experience of online multimedia content.

Adobe Flash Player non IE features and benefits:
  • Support for mobile devices - Extend the reach of your content to users wherever they are. Flash Player delivers expressive content to personal computers, smartphones, tablets, smartbooks, and netbooks.
  • Mobile-ready features - Take advantage of native device capabilities, including support for multitouch, gestures, mobile input models, and accelerometer input.
  • Hardware acceleration - Deliver smooth high-definition (HD) quality video with minimal overhead across mobile devices and personal computers using H.264 video decoding and Stage Video.
  • Expanded options for high-quality media delivery - Discover new ways to deliver rich media experiences with the Adobe Flash Media Server Family of products using HTTP Dynamic Streaming; content protection; and improved support for live events, buffer control, and peer-assisted networking.

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