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If you are looking to convert your files between different formats, then WinFF is a tool for you. You can convert your files if they are in AVI, MPEG, MOV, MKV, MP3, VOB and OGG formats.

It provides a smart window-like interface, which makes the process of conversion of audios and videos into different formats easy. You can also queue up your audio files and videos by just using the drag and drop function.

You can customize some of the technical features of your audio or video files including the frame rate, aspect ratio, frequency, volume, and synchronization. Video files can also be cropped, and you can mention the specific frame from where you want to crop the video.

Through this application, you can also control the other functions of your computer. For example, shutting down of the computer after the conversion of particular files is possible through the WinFF options.

WinFF is a tool for helping you to adapt to different formats of your audio and video files according to your requirements.

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