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April 7th, 2019 - Free - 100% Safe
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Accessing settings in Windows 10 is a bit lengthy process, especially when you are looking for a handy option to adjust a particular parameter. In this situation, Windows 10 Settings Shortcut can be a solution as it is available on the desktop.

Settings are a lightweight utility to provide the users with easy access to the settings menu. You need the executable file, and the rest of the process for accessing and using this application would be automatic.

You can pin the launching file of Windows 10 Settings in the taskbar, I that initiating it would no longer require your extra effort. Moreover, you can also save the executable file as a short cut on the desktop. With both these solution, you would be able to open the settings within no time.

One of the drawbacks of this application is that it cannot be customized at all. You’ll have to adjust with the interface of the application and use it as it is.

Windows 10 Settings Shortcut provide you with a quick way to get to the parameters of your operating system. The quick and easy launch is its most prominent features.

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