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If you are looking for a simple and efficient email client for Windows, then the answer is Inky, a simplified software for the people who are bored to use Outlook or other compelling applications. Inky was created to simplify user’s life; you can combine how many email accounts you need. It comes with an interface with large buttons which allows you to access all email accounts, settings, and other features with ease. We can say that this is the beauty of this email client, the incredibly simple and user-friendly interface.

After you’ve installed Inky on your computer, you have to log into various email services like Yahoo Mail, Gmail,, Yandex Mail. Keep all your email accounts under control with only one application. If we are talking about the display, it’s pretty simple because you will find emails in a traditional column, nothing new and sophisticated. To compose a new message, to reply or to forward an email it’s the most straightforward job that you ever did. The buttons are big; you can’t miss them!

Forget the times when you had to add port numbers, IPs or other information to connect an email address with an email client, Inky is doing the job for you; it can detect the vital data for a perfect communication between a server and your local inbox immediately.

Inky is a simple software, but it has a ‘great intelligence‘! The relevance of your emails is sorted by meaningful is to you. For example, if you have emails from your closed-friends, these messages will always be in the front of the list, less important messages and spam emails will appear faded and in the bottom of the list.

If you don’t want your emails to be on Inky servers, don’t be afraid because it’s not working like that. Inky’s servers never touch your messages, this application only shows you the emails and run it on your computer.

The flexibility of this application is impressive; you can add new accounts, you can delete accounts whenever you want, you don’t need advanced computer knowledge to do it. Email syncing is impeccable, for example, if you are at home and you must read a message from your boss, do it and don’t be afraid, when you will arrive at the office, the same email is marked as read. The sync is made so fast; your local server is connected to Inky’s servers for your best experience.

Smart sending is an essential feature of this software when you are writing a message you will have suggestions from your close contacts. Also, you can create email groups to simplify the communication.

So, if you need a simple, colorful and intuitive email client, Inky is the best solution. Don’t waste time with powerful applications; Inky is created to simplify user’s daily routine. Writing emails, reading emails, creating email groups is now at few clicks distance.

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