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Folder Lock Lite may not pack all the features of the premium Folder Lock software, but it is still quite amazing at what it does; it’s also free. By using this program, you can hide things on your hard drive, as well as lock them with a password. It is invaluable for protecting documents, folders, videos, images, and other file types that you don’t want anyone to access.

The protection is implemented at the kernel level in Windows, so it is quite difficult to bypass. However, keep in mind that locked files can still be copied to a Flash drive. One of the most important features of this software is its ability to work unmolested even in Safe Mode. This means that people trying to go into Safe Mode to disable the lock will be in for a surprise.

The application user interface is simple and intuitive. It allows drag and drop operations, so you can lock files and folder by dragging them onto the application window. The encryption used is top notch – the 256-bit AES encryption. This type of encryption is used by banks to encrypt communications to and from their clients and between their servers ‘ just to get an idea of the level of protection you get.

The program works in stealth mode, so people will not know why various files and folders are locked and cannot be accessed. Of course, people who are a bit more tech savvy will figure it out. However, the protection offered by this program is solid and there is almost nothing one can do to break it. The user interface displays a list of all locked files and folders so you can quickly find the data you are looking for.

You can lock executable files (EXE) so that unauthorized users can’t launch specific applications. The executable files are also hidden, making it even harder to locate the programs in question. You don’t need to unlock files to view them. By double-clicking any file or folder from the user interface, you can open the file or folder without actually removing the protection. Unlocking files and folders is as easy as going to the user interface and inputting the correct password.

Although it lacks many of the features of Folder Lock (which is not free), Folder Lock Lite still behaves exemplary and is a very good choice when it comes to locking and hiding files and folders. The simplicity and strong encryption make this tool perfect for its intended scope.

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