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February 25th, 2019 - Free - 100% Safe
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In case you want to free up the space of your hard disk from the duplicate files, you will need Duplicate File Finder to get the work done. The application is quite easy to use and can manage to search all over your computer for any duplication in files. However, you have the option to limit the search. For that, two options in the root folder are provided .one of it encompasses the most used folders whereas the other one includes the entire drive, making it easier for you to search your computer.

You can use Duplicate File Finder to search for the content which is stored inside a file rather than only the name of the file. So, once you have performed the entire search, you can be sure that there is no duplicate file stored in your computer, which would have remained hidden because of the different file name. Although, you can find the duplicated file with the single search, however, Duplicate File Finder does not delete anything on its own. You can select each duplicated file identified and then choose to remove or open file location for getting it sorted.

Duplicate File Finder is an application to reduce the volume of duplicate files stored on your computer. The content analysis performed by the application guarantees the completion of the functionality for which it is designed.

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