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ChipGenius is a straightforward application that can be used to manage the operating parameters of the USB devices.  The complete details are extracted to be displayed live on the control panel. Thus the user can get to know the exact operational status of the devices and bring in the necessary changes if need be.  The strong point of the software is its very simplicity more than anything else.  It happens to be one of the lightest built ones too to be had.

The fact that the ChipGenius is freeware only adds to its popularity.  However, the sheer utility factor cannot be denied at any time.  This remains by far one of the most popular platforms in use by the student community for the ease of use and the cost-effective nature of the application.

There are a lot of circumstances when the particular USB device would not be visible in the windows device manager.  This would be when the ChipGenius comes on to its own in revealing the whereabouts of the most stealth of devices.  It could be thus considered to offer a secure mode of communication to the outside world.

It must be said of the Windows OS that it is meant to do many duties or functions.  Whereas the role of the ChipGenius is more of a specialist one, that calls upon a specific operational ability.  Thus the software application would be more suited to handle the hard instances of use of the USB device details.

The first thing that strikes a viewer about the ChipGenius software is that it is bare in appearance.  It is the minimalist approach that has brought in this presentation and serves to be more functional than decorative.  One of the strong points of going minimal is that there are fewer complications to work out in real life situation.  However, it would often mean the less presentable of options.

With the ChipGenius forming the core of handling the issues that come up with using the USB devices, it comes to an as little surprise that there is a convergence of technology at best.  This is bound to create a unified platform to help handle the situation better than any other option.

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