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September 18th, 2022 - Free - 100% Safe
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ATIc Install Tool is an application that helps you keep your AMD Radeon drivers up to date. Furthermore, you can choose to install an older version of the drivers at any time, if needed.

Having the latest drivers when you have a graphics card is very important. These allow you to make sure you can access the latest features and get better performance from your graphics card, especially when you’re playing intense games or doing other tasks.

It is designed to get your drivers instantly and without any problems, and that you can download them when you need them or choose the versions you want.

Download The Drivers You Want

With ATIc Install Tool, you will have the option to decide which drivers you want to install. When you’re choosing your driver, you will be able to specify which date you’re interested in when it comes to drivers and then download the drivers that are relevant to that date.

You can also get beta versions, and it doesn’t matter which operating system you use.

You can also pick between 32 and 64-bit drivers, so the drivers will comply with your computer’s variation if you’re worried about that.

You can start downloading in just a click, or you can specify when to download drivers – most of the work is done automatically.

Control Installation

Another useful feature to mention here is the ability to control when drivers are installed. You can install the drivers silently, which means that the app won’t take a lot of your computer’s resources along the way.


ATIc Install Tool is a great tool to use when installing the latest drivers for your Radeon graphics cards.

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