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3DP Chip is an excellent application that helps you find and install the right drivers on your computer. You will see that drivers who are damaged or even outdated can cause you a lot of problems and you will see that some of your peripherals such as your mouse or your keyboard can cause you troubles especially in the moments where you need them the most.

You probably want all of the components of your computer you are using to respond all of the time. You have two options here. You can try to update all of the drivers of your devices manually, or you can try to use different helping tools such as the 3DP Chip.

It may seem an old-fashioned tool, but you should judge it only after using it. It is much simpler to use tool, but you will see that it won`t consume a lot of resources and it will be a useful tool.

It has easy to use neat features, and it will be a user-friendly tool that will display a lot of information regarding different things, such as CPU, video card or even the motherboard.

It will be possible even to copy the system`s information into 3DP Chip`s clipboard and also submit a bug report to the developers in case the software won`t detect the device you are using. You will also see that this tool will enable you to see versions and even dates of drivers in the main panel.

The backup and the restore options will also be available for you, and this means that you can easily carry out different backup operations by selecting the drivers from a list and restore all of the data only by clicking a few times.

You can even check out extra details about each drive, and you can find out different information regarding it such as description, provider, date and also class. You will need to click on each device and access its corresponding webpage to check if any updates are available for it.

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