RJ TextEd 11.21

Date added: October, 4th 2016 - (Freeware)
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Changes in version 11.21
• Added a new command line switch to open a new instance of the program /MULTI.
• Added a new command line switch to compare 2 files /COMPARE [file1] [file2].
• Auto completion window is opened a little bit faster.
• Plain text files that include binary data should open properly now.
• Issues with fuzzy sort in auto completion.
• Multi cursor select issue.
• GUI font quality settings.
• File - Close didn't display a keyboard shortcut.
• Startup issues from command line.
• Document map should not be displayed with binary files.
• Project files are reloaded in the same order as when closed.
• Minor text issue in customize keyboard.
• Minor issue with bash highlighter.
• A few rare undo/redo issues.
• Add to script menu issue with "Cancel" button.


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