PeaZip 6.2.0 (32-bit)

Date added: November, 7th 2016 - (Freeware)
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Changes in version 6.2.0
• (Windows) Updated 7z back-end to 16.04
• Pea 0.58

• Can now save list of items being browsed to TXT file, Navigation > Save as TXT
• Separated Add and Convert drop-down menus
• Single "Extract" button for simplicity - quick extraction action/options are now all featured in Extract button drop-down menu
• Browser, and archive/extraction screens, shows "filter" icon when advanced filters are set
• Updated Ten theme

Reorganized keyboard shortcuts:
• Ctrl+O open selected item as archive
• Ctrl+D toggle bookmarks panel
• Ctrl+H toggle history panel
• Ctrl+Alt+H toggle session history panel

• Archiving and extraction screens shows cumulative progress bar when executing multiple operations
• Improved command line options
• added -ext2simple and -ext2simplefolder as "blanket" extraction command for all back-end, first parameter specify output path; password is asked interactively (GUI); "folder" variant extracts to new folder
• Various fixes


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