Firefox 49.0.1

Date added: September, 26th 2016 - (Freeware)
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Changes in version 49.0.1
• Updated Firefox Login Manager to allow HTTPS pages to use saved HTTP logins. It’s one more way Firefox is supporting Let’s Encrypt and helping users transition to a more secure web.
• Added features to Reader Mode that make it easier on the eyes and the ears
• Controls that allow users to adjust the width and line spacing of text
• Narrate, which reads the content of a page out loud
• Improved video performance for users on systems that support SSSE3 without hardware acceleration
• Added context menu controls to HTML5 audio and video that let users loops files or play files at 1.25x speed
• Improvements in about:memory reports for tracking font memory usage
• Improve performance on Windows systems without hardware acceleration

• Fixed an issue that prevented users from updating Firefox for Mac unless they originally installed Firefox. Now, those users as well as any user with administrative credentials can update Firefox.
• Various security fixes

• Ended Firefox for Mac support for OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8.
• Ended Firefox for Windows support for SSE processors
• Removed Firefox Hello
• Re-enabled the default for Graphite2 font shaping

• Added a Cause column to the Network Monitor to show what caused each network request
• Introduced web speech synthesis API


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